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Piano Removals London


When it comes to transporting your piano, you may feel concerned about damage occurring. After all, pianos are beautiful, valuable items. Your piano may have been in your family for years. It could be your means of earning your livelihood. Alternatively, you could be selling it.

Either way, you need a company you can trust.

Man and Van Now has been operating since 2008 and has gained a reputation as excellent London piano movers.

Our expert team handle all your goods and belongings with the utmost care. In the case of a piano, this means ensuring that it is properly loaded, transported and unloaded,

Packing & Loading

Pianos are heavy and can be tricky to manoeuvre. We would always advise against trying to move a piano without professional help. Up or downstairs is particularly dangerous, both for you and the condition of the instrument.

If you drop a piano, you are likely to cause an injury. You are also highly likely to damage the piano itself.

That’s why you need a professional or rather a team of professionals. We know how to lift and move a piano safely and efficiently.

When you get in touch with your requirements, we will recommend the correct size of van. We'll also let you know how many men you will need to safely lift and transport the piano.

If your upright piano removals are part of a house move or clearance, we will factor in the size and space required alongside your other items


Our audit may find that it is necessary to remove a door to remove the piano from its current location. If so, we will factor it into your quote. Our professional movers can remove and rehang doors with no trouble, protecting your walls and piano from scratches.



Once the piano is in the van, you want to be sure it won't fall over on its side, slide or bump into anything.

We operate a fleet of different-sized vehicles to ensure your furniture and belongings are transported securely without having to be stacked high or squashed.

These vans are decked out with straps, stands, and other equipment to secure valuable items.

You can also ask to see photographs or video images of how your piano will be packed for transportation.

You also need to know that the van isn’t going to break down and cause delays. All our vans are meticulously maintained to ensure they are performing For extra peace of mind, all our drivers have Goods in Transit and Public Liability Insurance.


Unloading the piano in a new location will again require expert care and knowledge. Our initial audit will take into account any extra services such as door removal and rehanging.

A to B Piano Moving Service London

You may be moving home, you may need to transport your piano to a performance venue or be buying or selling a piano.

Whatever the case, you will need the piano to be transported upright and with the greatest care. You can trust us to treat your piano with the respect it deserves.

Need a piano transported to a film set? We offer expert transportation services for film and TV productions too.

Piano Movers in North East London and Beyond

Although we are based in North London, we’re ideally placed to carefully transport your upright piano anywhere in London or even the UK.

Most of our jobs are in the Capital. However, we look at each job on its own merits. We’ll try to help you out if we can.

If you know what you need, please fill in our online form to get a bespoke quote. If you’re not sure or have some questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re more than happy to talk through your options and give you our recommendations. Shoot us a quick email, drop us a line, or send us a WhatsApp message, and we’ll get back to you asap.

We have many strings to our bow, and upright piano removals are just one of many jobs we perform. Please see our homepage for a full list of removal and clearance services.