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oneplace2save - A Multi Service Company

Film Equipment Transport Services

TV & Film – Props / Costume / Equipment | Transport

Perfect when you only need to move a couple of items


Whatever you want to transport, we strive to make the task of moving as easy and cost-effective as possible. With man and van service, you can receive instant man and van prices along with basic compensation cover and an industry professional to oversee the from start to finish. Our man and van film equipment is ideal if you don't have a huge number of items to be moved. We will provide all the help that you need it, with a fleet of clean vehicles and a team of strong movers that can be scaled the amount of work you want to handle yourself.

We offer a wide range of reasonable services which includes removals; packing; storage; moving artwork; transport for trade shows and exhibitions; filming transport; and collection. We want business from individuals and companies looking for a respectable man and van services in a different area and beyond. We include materials to pack, secure and protect your items, as well as tools that may be needed to disassemble and reassemble certain items to help them fit through narrow spaces.

If you want to choose our man and van service, we guarantee the following things to our customers:

  • Our systematic organization by our staff to fit your man and van film equipment Punctual service, delivered with a smile
  • For Opening morning to midnight, with extra time negotiable upon request
  • Invoicing post-job, rather than payment before the service has 
  • ned movers
  • All types of move considered with an open mind and a positive attitude
  • been completed
  • Reasonable prices, tailored to fit individual budgets
  • Clean, well-serviced vehicles, kept in top condition
  • Experience handling is a valuable goods and safety with the trai
  • Rapid service, given with the utmost care

For every customer, we treated as an individual, with tailored and bespoke services provided with a smile. We know that finding a trustworthy Man and van film equipment can be hard, but we guarantee a painless, rapid service given to the best transport industry standards. Our primary aim is to make our clients happy, and our staff is more than willing to make this a reality.

Make your life easier with film equipment transport service 

Primar Partners has been servicing the film and television industry for over a decade with the highest quality slide-out trailer spaces. Our Film equipment transportation service can be custom outfitted with furnishings of your choosing. In our production house or other sets that use a lot of vehicles on and off-set, we will appoint a transportation captain.

By our transport reports to the production manager on all transportation matters, such as parking, fueling, and toll. Also, we plan special access of vehicles to closed areas, coordination and on-set parking. In every case, the Transport Coordinator and transport staff ensure that the right people, equipment, and support are transported to the right place, at the right time, with the right kind of vehicle.

We can cover every aspect of production's transportation needs and more. We provide top-quality equipment, sourced from the most reputable companies in the business. The professionals working in this field have extensive experience working in the transportation industry and ensure a safe, secure, efficient, comfortable, and legal transport experience. We are known for our high-quality equipment and unmatched customer service. Being from the film industry we know the business.

To ensure safe and sound delivery of film equipment transport service

Our growth to-date is down to building relationships with our customers, working within budgets, our expert knowledge in all aspects of film-making and always going beyond what is expected to ensure productions go smoothly. These are the values we focus on to continue to grow our business. Based on the specialization and expertise in the above role, we have reputable Film equipment transportation service and resources to facilitate any successful filming crew.

At your services for rent are a wide range of digital & film cameras, crane & dolly systems, lighting, accessories, and transportation. We also provide human resources for on-set and near-set assistance. It’s our most crucial role to ensure the safety of the most sophisticated

equipment in time of any transportation activities, thus we believe in achieving the best result from all our tour and film transport operations. We are ready to deliver everything you need for shooting right to your doorsteps.

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