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London Theatre and Film Equipment Transportation


Transportation of sets for theatre productions, cameras and other recording equipment can be a demanding task, so when heavy equipment is involved, it’s best to use people who are used to heavy lifting and moving. This is where our reliable and experienced production van hire crew can be at your service.

With the sheer variety of productions taking place in London, we know that the requirements for each job can vary massively. Our production van hire service for the movement of staging, media and filming equipment throughout the Capital can cater to all needs. As long as we can fit it in our vans, we can take it; just ask and we will take a look.

Production Van Hire in London

We understand that there is lots going on behind-the-scenes in stage productions as well as film and TV, all of which work together to create the brilliant spectacles we see. This obviously means that, aside from set and staging, there could be lighting and the terminals which control them, costumes and more to transport.

Get in touch, let us know everything which requires transporting and we will create a tailored quote for our man and production van hire. Our team is aware of the demanding needs in this industry, and that no time can be wasted in the transportation between venues.

We give the utmost attention to all aspects of the production in the equipment transportation and use meticulous care when loading, securing and unloading the goods.


Call When You Need Us

We are here when you require our service. Whenever you need us, we can be there to manage your production equipment transportation. Whether you want to pre-book us in advance to move between multiple venues, or if you need a hand last minute, we can oblige.

If you are using our production van hire services, we are happy to stop off by suppliers on the way to pick up any props that you may need collecting, too.

Perhaps you have had a lively shoot which has left lots of waste behind. Our waste removal team will be more than happy to dispose of or recycle anything which is no longer needed.

It’s better if you call us on 0800 6226 839 with last minute requests, but if you are planning in advance and would like to give us details on the requirements, you can use our online form.