Man & Van services – Why Single Movers in East London should hire us?

Why Single Movers in East London should hire us for man and van services?

Living alone is often wonderful, and getting into moving from one place to another place is an exciting event in anyone’s life. However, particularly for Single movers, moving is a painful process. On the opposite hand, if you hire the proper people for the work, it needn’t be such a hassle

  • Expertise
  • No hidden costs
  • Packing materials
  • A Helping hand
  • Local knowledge



If you’re living on your own everything is up to you, from the organization to the execution of the move, the packing and unpacking, and disposal of any unwanted goods and furniture. This process is often overwhelming and exhausting.

Most people can rustle up a couple of friends or relations to assist them to move, on the other hand, you run the danger of somebody injuring themselves carrying heavy furniture.

Our strong team of movers is happy to hold furniture up and downstairs, disassemble and reassemble and convey it into the right rooms. Remove and rehang doors to make sure they don’t get within the way of maneuvering furniture and that we may even be able to work together with your window company (provided we’ve enough notice and that they are amendable) if you would like to urge rid of a window so as to get an outsized piece of furniture in or out.


No Hidden Costs 

Whether you’re getting into your house or renting a replacement property, once you are single, there’s nobody to separate the value with and, therefore, you’ll get to budget all our costs carefully.

After the expense of deposits, rent or mortgage payments, and agency fees, it is often tempting to undertake to save lots of money by trying to maneuver without employing a professional company.

However, this might be a false economy and find yourself costing you more at the end of the day.

Oneplace2save Man with a Van East London company will prepare a fully-costed Manalized quote for you, including packing materials, collection, loading and unloading the van, and transportation to your chosen destination.

We’ll check out your requirements and allocate the foremost appropriate vehicle to finish the work with maximum efficiency.

Without the help of knowledgeable service, you’ll find yourself having to form multiple journeys, with petrol or van hire costs mounting up with each trip. You also damage something in transit and ended up having to pay to repair or replace it. Any reputable man and van company will operate with both goods in transit and public insurance. This ensures that within the unlikely event something does get damaged or lost in our care, you recognize that you simply are covered and won’t lose out financially.

We can also handle the responsible, eco-friendly disposal of any unwanted goods or furniture, so you don’t need to pay to possess it collected, or account for transport and disposal at a later date.


Packing Materials 

If you’d like better to close up your goods yourself that’s absolutely fine, but did you recognize you’ll purchase specialized packing materials directly from our website?

You may think bin bags and a few boxes will do, but most people don’t realize what proportion of stuff they really own until they are available to maneuver and begin packing.

In our shop, you’ll find everything you must protect your belongings, furniture, and equipment. From bubble wrap and Sellotape to Furni-guard and different sized boxes, we’ve got you covered.

Wardrobe boxes even come fitted in a dangling bar so you’ll transport clothes like shirts and jackets still on their hangers. This suggests you’ll easily remove them from their boxes and hang them straight up in your new wardrobe, with no need for ironing – one less thing to stress about as you agree in your new home.


A Helping Hand

As mentioned above, our Man and Van East London team are happy to travel the additional mile when it involves helping you progress. We don’t just leave you once the van is unloaded and chase away, far away from it. Also as reassembling furniture for you, our team of movers can reconnect appliances like washing machines or dishwashers. They’re going to assist you to unpack, even suggesting storage solutions, supported years of experience, hang pictures for you, and even change light bulbs.

We really are here to assist you to complete your move with the minimum stress possible, so if you would like us to remain and assist you to get settled in by providing these little extras, we are quite happy to try to do so. This suggests you don’t need to believe in hiring a handyman or persuading a tired loved one to start out doing bits of DIY, as soon as you progress in.

Local Knowledge

We’ve been operating across London for quite a decade, so we all know the simplest routes to require and therefore the roads to avoid, so as to finish the work as quickly and safely as possible. If you’re getting into a replacement area, you’ll not be conversant in things like parking restrictions and shortcuts to avoid hour traffic. As such, it’s going to find yourself costing you time and money if you are trying to navigate them without help.

We even have a network of local contractors, so we will recommend trusted companies for services that we are unable to supply manually.


So, there you’ve got it, just a couple of the explanations one mover might want to rent a Man with a Van in East London. We operate across the entire of London and also take selected jobs in other parts of the United Kingdom and even Europe, so if you’re based elsewhere, we should be ready to accommodate your request. If you’re curious about getting a quote, get in-tuned to talk to at least one of our friendly staff. You’ll also read a number of reviews from our happy customers, to line your mind comfortable.